Ideas for Valentine's Day Date

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Love is in the air and so is the smell of flowers and chocolates.

VPLab Nutrition has some great ideas to help you move on from Valentine’s cliché romance and add a bit of fun and calorie burn in the process.

Ice Skating – Do you associate ice-skating with relaxed movements and a never-ending circle? Think again! Ice skating is fun and romantic (especially if you need to hold hands for “balance”) sports activity. Not only is this activity heart melting it also melts your calories. Only half an hour of ice skating burns 250 calories!

Dance Lessons – We don’t know what you prefer more a passionate tango, hot salsa, or fun hip-hop session. Fun dance moves are not only a quality exercise but also a romantic time together which helps you learn more about each other bodies.

Snowball Fight – Who said romance is only gentle? If you need that spice on your ice – snowball fight is definitely, what you need. Whether you prefer a larger group and a more serious battle or you just want to keep it between you too, you will still enjoy a playful and sweaty time together.

Bowling – Fun and relaxed competition for couples. Surround yourself with jokes, few drinks and some snacks (few Lean Protein bars will help to stay focused) to make the time fly.

Hiking – Pack your bags with thermoses of hot beverages, snacks and head straight for beautiful landscapes. Mother Nature and your loving hearts is a great combination for a perfect date that will leave the most amazing memories.

VPLab Nutrition hopes that your active lifestyle light the spark between you too. Good luck!

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