Everyone must have heard about metabolism. And everyone who deeply follows, maintains and tries to speed up metabolism knows that metabolism is the rate at which all the food eaten is converted into energy or fat. If the metabolism is slow, then energy is restored slowly, so the body considers everything that was not used for energy restoration to be superfluous and diverts it into reserves (maintains fat reserves). If the metabolism is fast - then everything is exactly the opposite.

Accelerating metabolism is one of the working principles of almost every diet, slimming and athlete. Because metabolic activity determines how quickly we will lose extra pounds or gain muscle mass. Metabolism or metabolic rate is genetically determined, but of course, like any system of our body, we can also damage our metabolism - this can be done by harsh and drastic diets, especially if they are followed in the very early years of youth.
What does an accelerated metabolism give?

As we have seen before, a fast metabolism makes it possible to lose weight more effectively, because the amount of ingested food is processed faster, does not accumulate in reserves-fat, and makes it possible to gain muscle mass more efficiently and effectively!

How to speed up metabolism?

Everyone's metabolic rate is different. One can eat a lot and have no fat reserves, one eats little and gains weight faster. So that the effect does not turn into a defect, it is also possible to additionally "move" the metabolism.
Metabolism boosters


The Health World wanted to highlight this point first, because it really is - the muscles themselves are the ones that speed up the metabolism, i.e. the more muscles are built, the faster the body's metabolism. Lead with it, exercise and fight for muscles!


Sudden changes in external temperature increase the metabolic rate. If you end the shower with cold water, it will increase the activation of the metabolism, because the body will use more energy to warm the body!

Eat often

Eating infrequently forces the body to build reserves, because the body thinks: I will definitely have to wait many hours again until the next meal, I will store them in reserves! It is one of the most important mistakes that most women make - eating rarely, for example, once a day! Eating small portions often is a great way to boost your metabolism! The body processes what it has taken, because it knows that there will be more soon!

Recommended reserve between meals - 2-3 hours


Sauna treatments increase cell activity, stimulate metabolism and at the same time promote metabolism, this is also one of the main reasons why gyms have saunas!


Drink lots of water! If the body feels a lack of water, then the liver cannot break down fat, because first it has to restore fluid reserves in the body. If you drink cold water, you consume even more calories, so the conclusion is one - always have a glass or bottle of water at hand!

Omega-3 fatty acids

They regulate leptin levels in the body. Omega-3 affects the metabolic rate. These fatty acids are most abundant in fish and fish oil. We recommend VPLab Fish Oil.


Almost twice as much energy is consumed in the body to process protein! Therefore, the World of Health recommends using protein-containing products as a supplement (powder smart, bars between meals) and definitely including them in the list of daily meals!

Spicy food

One serving of spicy food accelerates metabolism by 25%. Because you love spicy food, add some chili!


Grapefruit is a top fruit, the substances contained in it "move" the metabolism. It has definitely been seen that almost every diet includes this fruit. The bitter taste that is characteristic of grapefruit comes from the white, soft skin of the fruit, however, we recommend that you also eat what is concentrated in this white skin, which is a substance that promotes metabolism!

The World of Health recommends that grapefruit be the last thing you eat at the end of the day. By including this fruit in your daily routine, you will feel the changes after the first 2 weeks!

Metabolism can be successfully inherited genetically (if it is fast!), but it also needs to be "nurtured", because the influence of time also affects this activity of the body. It will become slower. That's why we do sports, eat as correctly as possible, and over time the body will thank you for it with long-term health and excellent functioning!


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