Active ageing refers to the process of ageing when a person is in good health, feels that he or she is a contributing member of society, gets more satisfaction from productive activities, is more independent in everyday life and feels that he or she is a citizen who takes an active part in society.

Ageing is the natural progressive decline in the body's functional abilities and the natural increase in the risk of death as a person ages. Ageing is a complex and organic biological process that lasts a lifetime.

Ageing is studied in many scientific disciplines - biology, medicine, sociology, psychology and others.

Gerontology, a branch of science, deals with different theories of the development of ageing in living organisms, the study of the social and physical aspects of a typical ageing person and the practical problems associated with ageing.

The ageing process is mainly manifested by physical changes in the human body. The timing of these changes is mainly determined by heredity.

Hereditary changes are called primary ageing. Secondary ageing is physical changes related to living conditions, body care, stress, trauma and disease, as well as other external factors.

Chronological age

It is internationally accepted that a person aged 65 or over is defined as elderly. To a certain extent, man himself is programmed to think that when he reaches a certain age, it would be polite to start ageing.

One believes and prepares for this, but in reality, it must be understood that the body and the brain are very good tools if they are properly supported.

A healthy lifestyle and a positive outlook on life, rather than treatment for illness, is often the most important secret to a long and active life. This idea is supported by modern science, which shows that genetics determines about one-third of how long a person will live, while the rest is influenced by various external factors.

It should be remembered that the physical and psychological changes in a person are not strictly related to chronological age.

Think positively

In life, it is important to set priorities, direct your thoughts and set new goals. Those who think the glass is half empty focus their energy only on self-destruction. Disease and negativity will accumulate in the womb, and the individual will fill up with negativity, leading to premature ageing.


Particular attention should be paid to physical exercise. Sport helps to rebuild the mitochondria, the energy station, and improve their function in all cells of the body. So do not forget to exercise to stay healthy and beautiful for longer.

Maintain inner balance

It is important to maintain a dynamic balance, an inner harmony between the body and the subconscious. A signal of imbalance can be illness - nerve endings inform that something is wrong in a part of the body.

Pain is the nervous response of a healthy body, telling us that something is happening that needs attention. And if you do not respond to this pain, or if you suppress it with pills, it gets worse, because the body is our helper. Simply put, if we ignore it, we grow old!

The body knows how to cope and seeks balance. You just have to help it! One of the ways you can help your body is to take healthy supplements such as UltraVit One daily 50+.

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Of course, good nutrition and exercise is the key to maintaining youthfulness, but you should not ignore external influences, such as supplements.

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