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A slow release formula, meaning less aminos are flushed through as your body is metabolizing.

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  • 100% micellar casein
  • Slow release - perfect before bed or between meals
  • Low fat and sugar content
  • Contains Lactospore™ and DigeZyme™ for maximum absorbtion

Recommendation for use

Stir 30 g powder in 250 ml of water.


If you wake up every morning wired to exercise, you'll want to put the best food and supplements in your body so it can reach its highest potential. 100% Platinum Casein is the gold standard of protein. Platinum Casein is produced using micro- and ultra-filtration processes, with no acids or heating processes, both of which can break down the chemical bonds in protein and make it less potent. In fewer words: Platinum Casein is protein with its natural structure intact. 

The prevention of muscle breakdown - no-one wants that! - and the growth and regeneration of muscle fiber. With just one serving — preferably prior to bedtime — 30 grams of protein mixed in water can keep your body's muscles supplied with the quality of protein your super tough exercise regime requires. 

100% Platinum Casein is for athletes who like to give everything, and we know that includes you!

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