By Vplab

Elevate your beauty routine with the Vplab Ultra Women's Beauty Box, the ultimate duo for achieving radiant beauty. This carefully curated selection combines our Beauty Collagen Peptides with a potent Women's Multivitamin formula, delivering everything you need for youthful skin, strong hair, and an energized body. Experience the synergy of pure collagen and essential nutrients tailored for the modern woman. 


  • Radiant Skin and Strong Hair: Enhanced with 100% pure hydrolyzed collagen peptides for improved skin elasticity and stronger hair. 
  • Optimized Women's Health: A unique blend of 44 key nutrients supports overall well-being and vitality. 
  • Exclusive Savings: Enjoy a 15% discount on this all-in-one beauty solution compared to purchasing each product separately. 

Inside each Beauty Box, discover the transformative power of our Ultra Women's Multivitamin Formula, designed for the unique nutritional needs of women, alongside our Ultra Women's Beauty Collagen Peptides for that youthful glow. Embrace comprehensive beauty and wellness with Vplab's specially formulated kit. 


  • Comprehensive Nutritional Support: Tailored to women's health, combining vital vitamins and minerals. 
  • Youth-Enhancing Collagen: Premium quality hydrolyzed collagen peptides promote skin hydration and elasticity. 
  • Value Pack: Get more for less with an exclusive discount on this comprehensive beauty and wellness kit.